Background to Bunga SDA Central Church

The establishment of Bunga SDA Central Church is a short one. It is about 10 years ago that the idea of establishing a Seventh-Day Adventist Church Congregation at Bunga off Gaba Road that worship our Lord in the English Language was muted. This came about as a result of realizing that a substantial number of existing and potential Seventh-Day Adventist Church members were finding it difficult to travel all the way from South Kampala to Kampala SDA Central Church where they could worship their Lord in the English Language.

The amazing thing that happened thereafter was that one of the concerned members, quickly mobilized funds, identified a plot of land and bought it. He later out of his own free will donated it to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church for the sole purpose of establishing a Fellowship Center. That plot of land became the foundation upon which all other developments have and will continue to take place.

This noble action fired up the other concerned members. They joined in the mobilization of additional funds to start the construction of the Church structures. The site preparation was done at a very high speed, set in motion the drawing and approval of construction plans. This process took approximately 12 months; finally Kampala City Council approved the plans.

As the members waited for the construction plans to be approved, more funds were mobilized to begin the construction. Many thanks to all those who enable the vision and dream come true.

What is seen at Bunga today is not only a result of a lot of hard work on the part of the concerned members alone, but more importantly a demonstration of what God can do through an obedient soul. The estimated amount of money spent so far on this project is over shs. 1 billion. From such a small number of people! Members of Bunga can testify that, God's hand has been demonstrated in multiplying the humble contributions by the members.


Members of Bunga SDA Central Church pledge total commitment to the completion of this project at the earliest opportunity. Every effort and endeavor will be surrendered in support this noble cause with all the seriousness it deserves.

In recognition of the generosity of all the people who WILL contribute towards the construction of this fellowship center, a Plaque will be placed at one of the corners of this complex detailing the individual contributors to the success of this project.

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