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The Gospel Flames broadcast is live on Hope Channel every single day between 6:00pm and 8:00pm (East African time) and if you are in Uganda (or have DSTV access), you can cat the sermon at 11:00pm on WBS TV.

If you have a fast internet connection simply go to http://www.hopetv.org/watch/live-streams/international/

For those who would like turn their PCs or laptops into satellite download centers:

1. Simple browse to http://www.hopetv.org/watch/live-streams/international/

2. Check the TV Schedule (attached) for the broadcast times. All times are in GMT, you can convert to East African time by adding 3 to the GMT times.

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There will be a launch of the Satellite Net Event on Friday, September 15, 2012 at 2:00pm at Bunga SDA Central Church. Please be there.

By Nicholas Oneal

The Seventh Day Adventist Church has launched a satellite evangelism crusade as part of the Church's main activity to mark Uganda's golden jubilee. 

SDA Church in Uganda launches satellite evangelism
Pastor Ruguri and wife inpect a guard of honour mounted by pathfinder children. Photo by Nicholas Oneal

The satellite evangelism will be broadcast worldwide from the studio based at Bunga SDA Church in Kampala with all the activities relayed on a world SDA broad HOPE channel where people in different countries with decoders will tap into. 

The crusade which kicks off on September 22, to October 6 will be presided over by Seventh Day Adventist East and Central Africa division president Pastor Blasions Ruguri. 

Adventist women welcoming Pastor Ruguri at Najjanakumbi SDA Church. Photo by Nicholas Oneal

Ruguri who was accompanied by his wife are in the country for a two-week effort told a news conference at Najjanakumbi SDA church on Wednesday that his early visit to Uganda was to prepare for the event. 

The eleven countries in the Division include Uganda, Tanzania Ethiopia Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, DRC Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan and the Kenya with the head offices.

Seventh Day Adventist Church archbishop in Uganda Pastor Dr. John Kakembo said that it is the right time for the country to join the rest of the world in sharing the good news (gospel) and experience the love of God as Uganda celebrates her golden jubilee.

Pastor Kakembo the SDA Church archbishop in Uganda welcoming Pastor Ruguri. Photo by Nichoals Oneal 

According to Pastor Kakembo, members of the SDA Church will be engaged in community service including provision of free health services, family and marriage counseling, visiting the sick and inmates to give them hope and to reaffirm God's love to them. 

He appealed to SDA members and Ugandan at large to embrace the satellite evangelism. "The world we live in today has many challenges. People are seeking for solutions but God the creator of heaven and earth has all the answers," Kakembo said.

Source - The New Vision

Seven simple things you can do to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and ensure success. 

1. PRAY 

Intercessory Prayer for Interests 

Organize and intercessory prayer ministry in your church. Distribute the campaign’s prayer cards. Encourage members to write down specific names. At least two months before the meetings, preach on intercessory prayer and encourage your church members to earnestly seek God for the salvation of their friends, neighbors, relatives and working associates who do not know Jesus. 


Visitation of Interests and Former Members 

Organize a visitation at least 12 weeks in advance of the meetings. Visit former Adventists, potential interests, and unbaptized family church members. We have found it helpful to set aside one night a week for visitation. Mobilize members to invite their friends to the series.  

3. MAIL 

Mailing of Bible Study Card 

Send a mass mailing of a Bible study interest cards to your community to develop new interests. Organize a Bible study ministry team to follow-­-up the interests.  


Bible Studies for Youth and Interests 

If your church has youth who have not made a decision for Christ and baptism, begin a Bible study/baptismal class 

that is especially designed for them. 

Select a small group of potentially lay Bible instructors to being weekly Bible studies with new interests. We strongly recommend beginning a lay Bible instructor training program in your church using the lay training manual How to Give A Bible Study and the Discover Bible Study Guides. These can be ordered from your local Adventist Book Center or store.vop.com 


Database of Interests 

Gather every name possible from every source possible to develop a comprehensive interest file. You may order names from all Adventist media ministries. Make a form to record suggested interests. Ask your church members to submit completed forms for potential interests. 


Pre-­-Registration for Interests 

Encourage your members to pre-­-register their friends by giving them a handbill and pre-­-registration card. 


Materials for Advertising 

Be sure to order your advertising materials at least two months in advance. Different campaigns will use different suppliers, please see the website to see who will be the provider for the upcoming series. People will not attend a meeting they do not know about. Get the word out. Advertise! Communicate in every way possible, and God will bring out a crowd on opening night. 

Adopted from www.ReviveSeries.com


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