Satellite Net Event Kampala - September 2012

Introduction and Biblical Background:
The command and commission to reach out to the people with good news of the gospel is not a new idea at all. The command is very much depicted in the scripture with emphasis on being a testimony. It is pretty much covered in three scripture passages found in three different places in the Bible. Matthew 24:14, 28:19-20; "Three Angels Messages" in Revelation 14:6-12.

Technologically Driven Reason:
It is important for us to understand that with the urgency attached to the messages; we cannot reach the target goal unless we apply ways and means that are acceptable in the age we live in to achieve what God intends us to achieve. Technology has proved this to us as we see the tangible evidence of what it can do and accomplish through the power of the Holy Spirit. This region of the church has had the privilege of experiencing the power of technology in evangelism. You can approximately call it media evangelism.

Delivery Platforms:
The department is prepared to use all means of communication to deliver the messages of hope to all who can be reached. because of these end times that we live in and the challenges we face in each passing day, you are encouraged to inform your friend, neighbor and colleague about the upcoming NET Event Kampala 2012. Read the information below:

DATE: September 22, 2012 - October 6, 2012
Introductory Slogan: "GOSPEL FLAMES"
VENUE: Bunga SDA Central Church (Kampala, Uganda)
SPEAKER: Pastor Blasious Ruguri
Health and Family Life talks, Music and other features will be an integral part of the event.
Recording and Broadcasting Agencies: ECD Adventist Media Center and Hope Channel International (HCI) respectively are responsible for production. ECD Hope Channel Coordinator and ECD Media Center will share with us all the technical information as appropriate.

Your active participation in all activities before, during and after the event will be highly appreciated. Prepare one person or more to benefit from the entire program. Remember these are "GOSPEL FLAMES"!! Do not miss.

For more details:

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